Before School Care (BSC)

A nutritious wholesome breakfast is available for our children on arrival at Manly Vale OSHC. A range of engaging indoor and outdoor activities are programmed daily to contribute to each child’s learning across the 5 developmental outcomes.

After School Care (ASC)

Our on site Chef prepares delicious home-made afternoon teas as well as a choice of mixed sandwiches and fresh fruit & vegetables on arrival to Manly Vale OSHC. Please refer to our Sample Menu.


Children are offered a variety of programmed indoor and outdoor activities and free play opportunities which is organised in a way that maximises their potential through differentiated groups (Juniors K-1, Middles Yrs 2-3 & Seniors Yrs 4, 5 & 6).

Manly Vale OSHC facilitates a supervised Homework Club daily for any child. 

Manly Vale OSHC offers additional termly activities which may include: Tennis Club, Skater HQ, Yoga & Meditation, Gymnastics, Musical Theatre, Knitting, All Sports. 

Our educators will facilitate your children's safe timely attendance to privately organised extra-curricular activities on the school grounds.

Please contact the Manly Vale OSHC Office for further information on termly activities and extra-curricular arrangements.