During Kindy Orientation, which is usually held during Term 4 prior to the commencement of a new year, Manly Vale OSHC gives prospective families a short presentation on the OSHC service & a physical or virtual tour of the facilities. This tour includes an introduction to all permanent educators, specifically the Junior Group Leader to develop meaningful and trusting relationships; an overview of the daily flexible routine and how this routine is implemented within the indoor and outdoor environments and the introduction of some of the exciting toys and games the children will get to use throughout their time.  

A Kindy Orientation Pack is provided to interested families containing information on the Enrolment process as well as providing the Family Handbook, Summer Vacation Care and Kindy Best Start Programs, and examples of the Juniors Program, Weekly Menu and the most recent SOC Newsletter.



Kindy Best Start Program

Manly OSHC offers a “Kindy Best Start” Program which is developed in consultation with the school for the first days of Term 1 prior to Kindy children starting school. This Program runs from 8.30 – 6.30pm and enables Kindy children to build relationships with one another as well as the Junior Educators, develop an understanding of the activities & games and create a sense of awareness of the OSHC routines, facilities and rules. The Kindy Best Start Program is structured to transition children into a “normal school day” ensuring that the meal times (Crunch & Sip, Morning Tea & Lunch) are aligned with the schools routine. The Junior Educators work collaboratively with the Kindy Teachers to develop a schedule for the Kindy Best Start Interviews and create an attendance list of the children who will be attending Before & After School Care throughout the year to ensure any child who is booked into OSHC is dropped off and collected from their classrooms by the OSHC Educators. A continuous communication flow between parents/guardians, teachers and the Centre ensures families and children are supported during the transition to school.


Kindy Club 

Manly Vale OSHC runs a Kindy Club each afternoon during Term 1 in which the kindergarten group are assigned their own space to engage in a variety of activities.

The procedures are as follows;

  • All Kindy children are delivered to their classroom at the end of Before School Care and are collected from their classroom by the Junior Educators and escorted to the Centre for After School Care at the completion of the school day to eliminate the risk of children getting lost & to establish a routine.

  • A “Kindy Only” space facilitates a quiet time for children to rest, relax and settle after the school day.

  • The opportunity is created for children to interact with other children at the same developmental stage and build social skills through play

  • Children are encouraged to build a wide variety of friendships with children from other kindergarten classes 

  • Junior Educators have the time to develop child portfolios/profiles and understand an individual child’s needs, interests, and skills.

  • Junior Educators have the opportunity to closely monitor and observe development and social ability and facilitate tailored activities.

  • Educator-lead activities encourage learning of school-aged games.

  • Slow transition into the participation of the Junior programs allows for scaffolding from Year 1 students.