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Our Programs

"all children have the best start in life to create a better future for themselves and for the nation"

The Educational Programs at Sustainable OSHC are created with our children's needs in mind: to mature and develop in a safe yet stimulating environment.

Sustainable OSHC uses the developmental framework "My Time Our Place" Framework for School Age Care in Australia as a basis for our programming and evaluation.

Before & After School Care

Children are offered a wide variety of fun & educational indoor and outdoor activities and free play opportunities which is organised in a way that maximises their potential through differentiated groups (Juniors K-1, Middles Yrs 2-3 & Seniors Yrs 4, 5 & 6).

Each week, our Educators plan these Educational Programs tailored to the ages and interests of the children in their care. These programs also include the opportunity for children to rest, complete their homework or participate in unstructured free play within the OSHC environment. 

Vacation Care 

Vacation Care programs run during all school holidays & on pupil-free days. Sustainable OSHC Centres are closed on public holidays and for 2 weeks during the Christmas/New Year period.
Bookings will be accepted for all children from within the school and the wider community in years K-6.
Our Vacation Care programs are split into age appropriate incursions and excursions to cater for the diverse range of development stages.
Our Vacation Care Programs are available 4 - 6 weeks prior to it’s commencement. All Bookings must be requested via the My Family Lounge App.

Kindy Orientation

Kindy Best Start Program
Sustainable OSHC offers a “Kindy Best Start” Program which is developed in consultation with the school for the first days of Term 1 prior to Kindy children starting school. This Program runs from 8.30 – 6.30pm and enables Kindy children to build relationships with one another as well as the Junior Educators, develop an understanding of the activities & games and create a sense of awareness of the OSHC routines, facilities and rules.

Kindy Club
Sustainable OSHC runs a Kindy Club each afternoon during Term 1 in which the kindergarten group are assigned their own "Kindy Only" space to engage in a variety of activities. 
The opportunity is created for children to interact with other children at the same developmental stage and build social skills through play.

Extra-Curricular & Additional Activities

Sustainable OSHC Centres offers additional termly activities which may include: Tennis Club, Skater HQ, Yoga & Meditation, Gymnastics, Musical Theatre, Knitting, All Sports. 

Our educators will facilitate your children's safe timely attendance to privately organised extra-curricular activities on the school grounds & also at selected external sites. 

Please contact the Centre's office for further information on termly activities and extra-curricular arrangements.


Dietary & Nutrition

Each Sustainable OSHC Centre has their own on site Chef who prepares delicious home-made afternoon teas as well as a choice of mixed sandwiches and fresh fruit & vegetables on arrival to After School Care. Breakfast is served until 8.00am at Before School Care.

Our chefs create a rotating, seasonal weekly menu that consider the nutritional, cultural and health requirements of every child. Please ensure the Centre is aware of any dietary requirements of your child. 

Structured baking & cooking activities are programmed throughout the Term for the children to take increasing responsibility for their healthy eating habits as well as learning new life skills. 


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